Residential VoIP to get interesting

The residential VoIP phone service market is interesting on many levels. I believe that within a few short years (2-5?)the majority of households with high speed Internet access will abandon their traditional phone lines in favour of VoIP. A week ago I mentioned the Texas lawsuit where Vonage was sued for its not really 911 911 service.

Canadian cable companies have either started to offer the service, or will be soon.

And Bell Canada has stepped into the fray by starting its VoIP service in 3 Quebec cities without waiting for the CRTC's decision on how it will regulate VoIP. Bell claims there are 30 - 40 VoIP competitors in Canada - and they clearly don't want to lose business to them while waiting for the CRTC.

Consumers will have some tough decisions, and only time will tell whether they go with lower price providers, or ones with higher prices but perhaps more features.

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