Spam control for your phone

VoIP (Voice over IP) phones are becoming more common for both business and consumer use, and are poised to make a significant dent in POTS (plain old telephone service) use. VoIP has many advantages over normal phone lines, including lower cost, more flexibility, and more services.

For example, Canada is working on a "do not call" registry (ie a list where one can add their name if they don't want to be phoned by telemarketers), but recent comments suggest it may be watered down to be ineffective.

Rob Hyndman refers in his blog to the possibility that VoIP service could employ call filters similar to spam filters on our email.

That raises 2 points to ponder.

1. - Perhaps technology will work here where the law may not.

2. - Once the VoIP 911 issue gets under control (I'll boldly predict by this fall), there are so many advantages to VoIP that people will stay with POTS only if they don't understand VoIP or are resistant to change.

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