Moore's Law Lives!!

Some have expressed doubt that the 40 year old Moore's Law (the number of devices on a computer chip doubles every 24 months) will continue. So far, there always seems to be a breakthrough that keeps the law alive. Wired News has an article entitled Honey, I Shrunk the PC, that talks about 2 recent breakthoughs. (Its a good read as it explains them in a simple manner.) Both deal with ways to make single molecule transistors. If they can be commercialized, it would shrink chips, and hence anything using them, dramatically.

Imagine the power of a supercomputer in a cell phone. And combine that with upcoming display technologies that will give them full size displays. Typing on that tiny keyboard would be a challenge, but that's just another wrinkle to be ironed out on the way.

Where do I sign up for the beta test?

Read the Wired News article

GeneralDavid Canton