OECD study: Music downloading not responsible for lower music sales

A recent OECD study says they cannot find a causal connection between music downloading and reduced music sales. The report suggests that the industry needs to reevaluate consumer desires and their need for copyright protection. That reinforces what many of us have been suggesting all along. Of course the music industry instantly trashed the report.

I can't say it any better than Techdirt:

Here's what's odd... If you're really in business and there are an awful lot of studies saying that what you're doing is a mistake, shouldn't you at least listen before absolutely condemning each study? It's as if the recording industry has made up its mind that file sharing must be bad, and any study to the contrary has to be wrong -- even the ones that tell the industry there's a huge opportunity in embracing file sharing.

Techdirt has links to a Wired article, and to the OECD report.

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GeneralDavid Canton