Microsoft, open source, and the music industry

ZDNet has an article called Microsoft learns to live with open source. It talks about how Microsoft is at least to some extent making its products useable with open source software, and even publishing some development tools in open source. Many had predicted that open source software was one of the biggest competitive threats Microsoft has ever faced. Microsoft will no doubt continue to promote the advantages of its own products over open source competitors - but it sees that cooperating with open source makes sense.

This is noteworthy on its own, but it also illustrates a bigger picture. One of Microsoft's strengths is that it looks to the future and embraces whatever it needs to remain on top - even if it means dramatic reversals in its thoughts or business plans.

Compare that to the music industry that steadfastly sticks to the past - and tries to stop new technology and force people to fit within their traditional model.

I wonder if that has anything to do with Microsoft being so successful, and the music industry complaining about lower sales?

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