The Harry Potter Injunction

We have all seen the press over the last few days about the injunction that a British Columbia court granted to stop the early release of the new book. Seems that a store put them on the shelves earlier than the publisher's release date in error, and a handful were sold. Michael Geist has several interesting entries in his blog that analyse the injunction. Prof Geist finds it noteworthy first because it went so far as to order people who bought it not to read it, not to discuss it, and to return it.

Second because of what other things the publisher asked for that the judge denied, including requiring all those who bought the book to disclose their identiy, and the identity of anyone they talked about the book to.

He comments that: For a judge to issue such a blantantly unconstitutional order is appalling. For a book publisher and a children's author to request such an order, is shameful.

This link is to his latest entry. Do a search on "Potter" within his blog to get to all of his posts.

Read Michael Geist's comments

GeneralDavid Canton