Privacy Commissioner decision on marketing inserts in bank statements

A decision released last week (I have been out of the office on vacation) says that a bank (or indeed any organization) must allow individuals to opt out of receiving generic marketing materials that are included in the envelope with their statements. Many had thought that merely putting generic "statement stuffers" into envelopes with statements was not a use of personal information, and thus consent was not an issue. Any business including material within a statement envelope will have to consider whether that material is "secondary marketing", or is information about the business that the customer needs to know. If it is "secondary marketing", it will have to implement a way to leave that material out of envelopes sent to those who have requested it not be sent.

Personally - while I sometimes find that secondary marketing material annoying - its not as if the bank has given my info to anyone - and its just one more thing for the shredder.

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