Survey shows surprising acceptance for biometrics has an article about a survey that shows that 79% of Americans, and 85% of Canadians support using biometrics (eg fingerprints or retinal scans) on government issued documents like passports. Those numbers are surprising as it has generally been thought that the public oppose such measures.

One of the biggest concerns expressed is cost.

I believe biometrics are indeed the answer for not only ID like passports - but to replace our over-reliance on passwords and PIN numbers for access to just about everything.

My biggest concern is that of privacy. Biometrics must be used in a way that does not create databases or files of biometric information that could be misused or copied.

The best of intentions and efforts to protect such records are not enough. We have seen far too many times where information has been published or lost for reasons ranging from criminal malice to the slip of a keystroke.

And unlike a password or credit card number that can be replaced, our biometric identifiers are permanent.

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GeneralDavid Canton