RFID license plates

Wired has an article entitled "Brit License Plates Get Chipped" that talks about a British plan to include RFID chips in car license plates to make them trackable electronically. Apparently US officials are watching the experiment with interest. This raises significant privacy issues. While I certainly support government and police efforts to battle terrorism and crime - we can't simply assume that these kinds of measures are the right thing to do. In my view the advantages are often marginal compared to the personal invasion. And the cost/benefit may also be shaky. (The Canadian gun registry is a case in point.)

While we are at it, why don't we just inject chips in everyone when they are born - and keep tabs on everyone in a giant database - bringing together info about location, travel, spending habits, social habits, video diaries, etc. Let whatever government ( or anyone else for that matter) monitor that and mete out punishment by remote control whenever we falter from their then currently acceptable norm.

We are the Borg - resistance is futile!

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GeneralDavid Canton