Freedom to Tinker being eroded

Techdirt refers to a USA Today column that talks about the gradual erosion of the legal ability to do what we want with things we have purchased. Examples include making back-up copies of DVD's in case the original gets scratched, or sending one person a copy of a commercial photo. The issue is that we seem to more often have actions individuals can take that in reality don't negatively affect anyone, but may technically be illegal.

To quote from the article:

But as technology marches on, our laws don't always march with it. They're written by men with agendas that are different than ours — men who don't understand (or have the incentive to understand) what they're trying to legislate.

So chances are there will come a day when there won't be room for men to meddle with technology. The sad thing is that we'll think what they do is against the law in the first place.

This brings to mind the current Bill C-60 that will amend the Canadian Copyright Act. One of the provisions will make it illegal to defeat digital rights management technology. I don't agree with that kind of law for many reasons.

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GeneralDavid Canton