Kazaa loses in Australia

An Australian court this week decided that Kazaa infringed copyright. The court gave Kazaa 2 months to add measures to control unauthorized copying, and will have a future hearing into damages. Kazaa will likely appeal. Their position is that their service is no different than a photocopier - and photocopier manufacturers are not liable for what people copy.

Of course the music industry sees this as a significant victory.

This has lead to some interesting commentary.

A Wired article says that even if this does cripple Kazaa, it won't stop copying.

Michael Geist comments on the music industry reaction, explains why the result would be different in Canada (in part because of a recent Supreme court decision that involved photcopiers), and ties it into the proposed C-60 copyright reform bill. His post contains a link to a good summary of the case written by an Australian expert.

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GeneralDavid Canton