Apple iPod nano - branding is everything

Most people by now will have heard about Apple's release on Wednesday of the new iPod nano MP3 player. Last Friday I referred to an article that talked about the power of branding for technology companies. This is the perfect example.

Don't get me wrong - it is a well designed, desireable product, and certainly one of the slickest looking (I wouldn't mind having one myself!) - but the product would not be nearly as successful without the brand behind it.

A product or service has to be of decent quality, or it will fail regardless (it will otherwise taint the brand) - but it does not necessarily have to be the best.

Apple has a huge portion of MP3 player sales, despite competition from many competent, often cheaper, devices.

So what has Apple done right in the branding department? It includes:

- creating an image of cutting edge, easy to use products that are cool to have

- clean, simple, functional design

- clean, simple marketing messages

- creating buzz before a product launch

- having the product available for purchase on the day of the announcement

- being bold enough to pull an existing top selling product (iPod mini) off the shelves to replace it with a new one

Read about the Nano on Apple's web site Read my post about branding from last week Read a Slashdot post that points to a glowing review in the Wall Street Journal

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