Playing CD's on a computer a priviledge??!!

I am not a fan of DRM (digital rights management). DRM allows the creator/publisher of music, video, or any data file for that matter to control what we do with it after we buy it. DRM for the most part just frustrates legitimate users. And most DRM can be defeated - hence the desire for those supporting DRM to get laws passed that make it an offense to defeat it. Techdirt has a great post that says that DRM actually encourages piracy. It says in part:

I recently bought a car. In the copious documentation that came with it, nowhere did it say I couldn't drive the car only in reverse, on dirt roads, without pants, or on Wednesdays. As far as I can tell, I can do pretty much whatever I want with that car, and the people that sold it to me don't have any say in the matter. Apparently any music I buy might not play by the same rules ... So I need some sort of permission or approval to use something I've purchased however I like, in this case, listen to music on the device of my choice?

Another article today on ZDNet talks about a DRM nightmare, where DRM impedes the use of whole home audio systems.

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GeneralDavid Canton