Sony rootkit just gets worse

For those that have not seen the deluge of articles on this, Sony-BMG hid some code on some music CD's that was intended for DRM or copy protection. The code is similar to a virus, is hard to find and eliminate, and can compromise the computer. The CD also comes with a EULA (End User License Agreement) the user has to agree to when launching the CD in a computer. EULA's are standard fare for software - but for a music CD??

The EFF took a look at the EULA, and has found some rather strange things in it. Like if you go bankrupt, you have to delete it. Or they can put backdoor programs on your computer that allow them to use self help to "enforce their rights", and if by doing so they destroy your computer, or cause a security risk - that's just too bad. (Seems to me that violates the Criminal Code!)

This approach certainly does not encourage people to buy CD's.

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