Canada's "Do not Call" legislation passed

Bill C-37 was just passed. It was fast tracked before the election call. No word yet on when it will become effective, or when the registry might be set up. It sets the framework for a "do not call" registry, much like in the US. Individuals will be able to put their numbers on a list. Telemarketers will then be prevented from calling them.

There is a long list of exceptions for types of calls that the legislation does not apply to. Indeed, those that promoted the concept of "do not call" legislation have stated there are so many exceptions that the legislation will be ineffective.

Individuals should stay tuned to find out when the registry will become active, and indeed to decide whether it is even worth registering.

Businesses that do outbound calling should take a look to see how the legislation might affect them.

Read the legislation

David Cantonlaw