RIM/NTP told NTP patents will be rejected

I have not mentioned the RIM/NTP patent litigation before as it seems to get lots of mention in the press anyway - but this comment by Techdirt that refers to a NY Times article is too good to pass up. Seems that the US patent office has taken the unusual step of advising both RIM and NTP unofficially that they will revoke the NTP patents at issue in the lawsuit.

To quote from Techdirt: The move to publicly inform both parties of likely decisions is the USPTO's way of trying to force Judge Spencer to either throw out the case on lack of merit, or delay the court proceedings to give the patent rejection process time to follow its slow course. So the USPTO has turned the pressure up on Judge Spencer -- if he forces RIM to shutdown or pay-up based on what he now knows to be bad patents, he will look bad, not the USPTO. Don't you love it when two branches of your government pass the buck while the free market and the incentive to innovate are held hostage to them?

This will no doubt increase the calls for patent reform, or at least more scrutiny on patent applications.

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