Bulte election / copyright kerfuffle

Sam Bulte is parliamentary secretary to the Liberal Heritage Minister responsible for copyright reform. There is a great deal of controversy over entertainment industry influence over copyright reform (eg Bill C-60), the most visible being a CRIA sponsored fundraiser for her to be held just days before the election. Michael Geist posted an entry this week with a good summary of the issue and links to many articles, including some scathing comment and a response from Bulte.

The article is a good read for anyone interested in copyright reform, music downloading, the Federal election, or allegations of government wrongdoing - which covers just about everyone.

Read Michael's article

Update: Take a look at this Techdirt post entitled Canadian Politician Suggests Content Users Are Just Zealots for their take on "Bulte's increasingly silly attempt to defend her position..." For those interested in ongoing developments on this issue, keep an eye on Michael Geist's site.

Read the Techdirt article

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