Mass spying vs privacy

The US government seems determined that mass electronic spying is justified and necessary to prevent terrorist attacks. The privacy aspects of spying on average citizens are simply ignored or viewed as a small price to pay for security.

Wired has a good article entitled Mass Spying Means Gross Errors that points out that such mass spying simply does not work. There are so many false positives that the manpower to check them all out does not exist. And of course every false positive is an innocent person who may suffer consequences for no reason.

It also points out how easy it is to hide one's intentions in communications to evade detection.

No one would argue that the security and safety of any country's citizens are not important - but what's the point of spending money on efforts to protect that are ineffective, invade privacy, and cause more harm than good?

Read the Wired article

David Cantonprivacy