Copyright and shortsighted business

I don't know whether some industries don't understand copyright or other intellectual property laws such as trade-marks - or just don't step outside their comfort zone and look at the big picture. Often businesses do things that are understandable first reactions, but are not consistent with customer desires or habits, or long term business interests. This is sometimes similar to being a buggy manufacturer when the automobile first arrived. Their chances were much better if they decided they were in the transportation business and seized the opportunity - rather than deciding they were in the buggy business and resisted the change.

3 recent Techdirt posts illustrate this point.

One is about Major League Baseball's attempts to stop certain use of stats. Raw facts or data is clearly not protected by copyright.

Another is about attempts to place incredible restrictions and control over various matters relating to the 2012 Olympics in London, England.

The latest is the refusal by many movie theatres to show a new Steven Soderbergh movie called "Bubble" because he decided to release the movie on DVD at the same time as the movie.

The techdirt posts are a good read to understand why these measures are unnecessary and short sighted.

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