New Kindle debuts - but not in Canada

I was just about to write a post on how this is just another example of stuff we can't get in Canada - and discovered that Steven Matthews already commented on this in a Slaw post.  He says in part: I would really love to have a Kindle. really.  And this story from the Silicon Alley Insider isn’t making things any better.  See Dan Frommer’s live note that “Kindle sales are now 35% of book sales when Kindle editions are available.

You would think this kind of statement would jump start some action! For publishers, for consumers, and especially for Amazon to expand their offering…  to say…  north of the border?  I’m also not fussy about the screen size. I’d take a hand-me-down for that matter.

What I am losing my patience with, is waiting years every time an innovative wired gadget comes along.  Do I really need to have a Rogers Kindle for this to come to pass in Canada? Did the Canadian-lag on the iPhone help anyone?

We seem to get the "latest" cellphones one generation behind the latest in other parts of the world.  Services like Hulu are blocked at the border, and various services by providers such as Google and Microsoft are US only.