Jim Carroll speaks to TechAlliance

That's the title of my Slaw post for today.   It reads as follows: Canadian futurist Jim Carroll (@jimcarroll)just spoke about innovation at the London TechAlliance AGM. Here are some of the points that got my attention. (We used to call these sound bites or bullet points - I’ve already seem some of these show up in Tweets from the audience - so lets call these Slaw Tweets.)

Change is so rapid - 65% of public school children will be in a career that doesn’t exist yet.

1/2 of what science grads learn in first year is obsolete when they graduate.

Product lifecycles used to be measured in 2 digit years. The product lifecycle of a digital camera is 3 -6 months.

Big doesn’t beat small - fast beats slow.

We should choose not to participate in the recession - use it as an opportunity for growth.

A brand is no longer what you say it is - its what they say it is.

Experiential capital (accumulated experience trying to do things we have not done before) is crucial.