Facebook - brand protection with a catch?

Out-Law.com has an article entitled Facebook IP protection is only for companies that join that says Facebook's protection against misuse of brand names in Facebook names is only available if the brand is actually registered as a username.  A cynical person might wonder if this is in part a way to get more businesses to sign up for Facebook. The lesson for business, or anyone with a brand they want to protect, is that it may be worthwhile registering your business name and any brands as usernames for as many social networking sites and web 2.0 sites as you can.  Even if you don't plan to actively use it, set it up with basic information and links back to your website.  For example, facebook, twitter, linkedin, flickr.   There are too many to possible get them all - but at least cover the mainstream ones.   Not sure what they are?  Search Google or Bing for social networking sites or web 2.0 sites.  Or ask anyone younger than you are.