Michael Dell on Windows 7, netbooks, ...

That's the title of my Slaw post for today.  It reads as follows. Gigaom has an article about a speech Michael Dell gave yesterday.

He had very positive things to say about Windows 7 – which officially debuts next Thursday the 22nd. I concur with that. I’ve been the test case for Windows 7 at Harrison Pensa, and have found it faster and more stable. It also has features that can make you more productive. Enough so that I often find it frustrating when using my home computer with Vista.

He doesn’t like netbooks, even though Dell makes popular models – citing their small screens and slow performance. Anecdotally I’ve heard comments from people who have them who say the same thing. Even an IT manager I know who had positive things to say about his netbook half jokingly offered to sell me his recently, saying he wanted a bigger and better one. I’ve been tempted to buy one a few times, but could never get over their limitations.

This reinforces my thoughts that November / December this year may be a good time to buy a notebook computer. On top of Windows 7 and probable aggressive pricing resulting from the economy and Christmas, notebooks with the new CULV chips are arriving. CULV chips promise long battery life, and notebooks that are a step above netbooks for not a lot more money.