Pervasive connectivity revolution

Advances in technology and reduction in costs are moving us towards a day when everything can be connected - including things like appliances, light switches, and even humans.  That connectivity will be for both reporting status and for control. Jim Carroll has an interesting post on this topic called Reinventing the future with transformative technology! that's worth a read. 

I also heard a presentation on a similar topic a couple of weeks ago at the Canadian IT Law Association conference by Ron Dembo of Zerofootprint  .  He talked about energy monitoring in homes and commercial buildings, and sharing that information as an incentive to reduce energy consumption.

This pervasive connectivity will no doubt affect us in ways we can't now imagine - and will force us to rethink many things.  And it will lead to some interesting legal issues as well - such as how privacy fits in - and who "owns" all that information.