Airport security - are body scanners the right solution?

Is the headlong rush to install body scanners in airports: (a) an effective way to stop dangerous weapons getting on aircraft?

(b) a kneejerk reaction to the attempted underwear bombing?

(c) A massive, expensive invasion of privacy with no real benefit?

(d) More security theatre that makes it appear that something is being done, but accomplishes nothing?

(e) Wasting time and resources that could address the issue in more effective ways?

(f) Causing far more harm and inconvenience to air travellers than is justified by the small chance it will make a difference?

(g) Closing the barn door after the cows have all left?

These are questions we should be asking.   Here's some food for thought:

From David Fraser:

UPDATE: As I was typing this, David added a good article on this topic on Slaw:

From Bruce Schneier: