Amabile calls for singers for Men Aloud

Male singers in the London area are being invited to attend the Amabile Men Aloud choral symposium on Jan 29 and 30. (My son is with Amabile.) As Ken Fleet, co-conductor, said in a recent letter to the Free Press:

The Amabile Boys & Men's Choirs are hosting a choral symposium on Jan. 29 and 30, called Men Aloud in what we believe will be the largest gathering of boys and men singing in concert ever held in the London region. This event celebrates the power and joy of male singing, and we invite boys with unchanged voices, high school youth, and men to participate in this exciting venture. No experience needed.

Rehearsals, singing workshops and activities will be held at Medway secondary school, with the final concert at 6 p.m. at First-St. Andrews United Church on Jan. 30.

Renowned guest conductors Ethan Sperry (Miami University), Linda Beaupre (Toronto), Viki Meredith, Darryl Edwards, Torin Chiles and Todd Wieczorek will provide leadership.

For further information, e-mail Andrea Emery at by Wednesday. For concert tickets, call 519-641-6795 519-641-6795. For more information, go to

Details are on the Amabile web site.

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