Windows Phone 7 - "Microsoft has out-appled Apple"

That's the title of my Slaw post for today.  It reads as follows: Microsoft unveiled its much anticipated Windows Phone 7 operating system this week at the Mobile World congress in Barcelona.  It is not based on the existing 6.X OS - but is entirely new - based on the Zune.

The reaction by the tech press has been very positive. For example, Gizmodo says that "Microsoft has out-appled Apple" , and "I'm sorry, Cupertino, but Microsoft has nailed it. Windows Phone 7 feels like an iPhone from the future. The UI has the simplicity and elegance of Apple's industrial design, while the iPhone's UI still feels like a colorized Palm Pilot."

For other comment, see PCWorldengadget, Wired.

New phones using Windows Phone 7 will be available from several manufacturers and several carriers "by the holiday 2010 season".

I have not seen any comment on when it will be available in Canada.

The frustrating part for me is that I bought a new phone last summer - I hate 3 year terms!