Amabile's Beth's song now on iTunes

Beth’s Song is performed by the Amabile Boys and Men's choir, along with a soloist from the Amabile Girls and Women's choirs.  The song was written as a companion to the book “Sing Me to Sleep”.   On the iTunes preview we only hear the soloist - the 85 male voices (my son being one of them) start about half way through.  I've heard the song performed live - its very good - IMHO it should be on radio playlists. “Sing Me to Sleep” is a new novel published by PENGUIN BOOKS , featuring the Amabile Boys and Men’s Choirs.  The trailer announcement for the book, including a portion of the song is on YouTube.   Details about the book are here on the author's web site.  The reviews on Amazon have been very positive.

And while you are on iTunes, check out the other Amabile songs.

GeneralDavid Canton