Tablet competition heating up

The iPad will start shipping in a few weeks.  While it is perhaps the first to market, the standard to which all others will be compared, and will no doubt sell in large numbers - it is by no means the only option.   I've read estimates of 50 to 100 similar devices in the works.  More news on the HP slate is on engadget today.   From what I have seen so far, I would prefer that - or something similar based on the Windows Phone 7 OS (I have not seen anything about that - but its a logical way to go) to the iPad.

IMHO these devices are revolutionary and will fundamentally change the way we consume what is now traditional print media.   They will be pervasive within fairly short order.   Why has this not been done before?   Its a matter of getting a device with sufficient computing power, battery life, light weight, and useability - at a low enough  price point.

This will become far more than just virtually flipping newspaper or magazine pages.  See this Wired video for what we might expect.

And I suspect we will find them useful for business, as well as personal use.

I'm holding off for a bit to see how the various devices perform -  hopefully I will have one by the end of the year.

UPDATE:  Here's an eWeek article I just found that delves into this in more detail.