Law Society's Ontario Reports go digital

The Ontario Reports is a weekly publication sent by the Law Society of Upper Canada to all Ontario lawyers.  It contains court decisions, law society notices, and ads aimed at lawyers.  Frankly, its a lot of paper - and changing it to a virtual edition is long overdue.  The first one arrived today.

They have even been the subject of a couple of parody videos.

The digital edition needs work, though.  It follows the usual path of offering up a digital image of the paper product, without a lot of thought as to how readers will consume it - or ignore it.  Hopefully this is OR's 1.0, with 2.0 to follow.

Then there is this head scratcher.   The email that sends the link to it contains this:

E-Mail Confidentiality Disclaimer

This communication is intended for use by the individual(s) to whom it is specifically addressed and should not be read by, or delivered to, any other person. Such communication may contain privileged or confidential information. If you have received this communication in error, please notify The Law Society of Upper Canada at ... and permanently delete the communication. Thank you for your cooperation.

Everything in the Ontario Reports is public - and the reports themselves contain a copyright notice - so why is this needed?

GeneralDavid Canton