iPad as a business tool

That's the title of my Slaw post for today.  It reads as follows. I thought for my first post on the shiny new Slaw format, I should talk about a shiny new object.  Over a million iPads have been sold so far. Many comments about the iPad can be found on Slaw, including my thoughts that the iPad will be the disruptive tipping point that will define the category. This kind of device will fundamentally change how we consume information.

Several competing products are expected to be on the market within the next few months, some of which will address some of the iPad's missing features. Of course, fans will say that the missing features is a feature as they allow the iPad to perform what it does very well.  I've seen one close up, and it is indeed impressive.

I'm convinced that while an iPad is not a laptop replacement it may be a good alternative to a laptop, especially as a portable companion to one's main computer.  For me, its not if I will get an iPad or a competing device, its when.   I'm impatiently holding on for a few months to see how the competition shakes out.

These 2 articles are worth a read.

A Gizmodo post entitled: The iPad Is Such A Great Travel Computer That I'm Selling My Laptop 

This post entitled: 5 Great Excuses to Buy an iPad for Your Business

UPDATE: And if not for a business tool - make a iPad controlled video blimp.