Fiskars gets warranty service right

We hear far too many stories about bad customer service.  Or unsympathetic or unresponsive warranty service.  Or convoluted or unrealistic warranties.  So when we have a good experience, it deserves to be mentioned. I have a Fiskars brand weeder.  It works well, but a couple of weekends ago it broke. 

Their web site says the product has a 25 year warranty.  They ask to either return the product, or snail mail them a photo, or email them a photo.

So I emailed a photo and a few days later received an email that said:

Hi David,

Thank you contacting Fiskars and for sending your photo of your broken weeder.   Unfortunately, we are out of inventory for this telescoping weeder in Canada.  We would still like to honor the warranty for your product.  Please select one of the following options for your replacement:

1.  $50 Canadian Tire gift card

2.  Replace with the non-telescoping weeder with a straight handle.

 I will await your reply with your choice.

Both good choices.   So I went to Canadian Tire, bought a new one, and replied saying I would take the gift card - which has already arrived in the mail.

Now that's customer service.

GeneralDavid Canton