Copyright Modernization Bill C-32 - digital lock seems illogical

Here are links to the bill itself, and to a government site called "Balanced copyright" that has information about the bill. I have not yet taken the time to read it in detail or think it through.  Here is Michael Geist's initial reaction.

There is something I don't understand though - as the logic escapes me.

The bill will expand fair dealing - in other words - things we can legitimately copy. (e.g. private study, news reporting, parody, time shifting, format shifting.) 

At the same time, it embraces the concept of a digital lock, and makes it unlawful to break a digital lock for any reason.  In other words, a content owner can lock down their content so we can't use it for those fair dealing purposes.

So the government says users should have certain rights - then turns around and lets content owners take those rights away?  Seems like they are abdicating their legislative power to content creators. 

Highly illogical.

GeneralDavid Canton