Tablets cut printing costs

That's the title of my Slaw post for today.  It reads as follows. Several of us here at Slaw comment from time to time on tablets, and the paperless office - but usually not together.

All Things Digital has a post entitled Use a Tablet, Save a Tree that talks about a Morgan Stanley prediction that the increasing demand for digital content will result in a 2% decline in printer supplies revenue in 2011. It suggests that this trend is one reason that Hewlett Packard is getting into the tablet market.

For the record, I'm impatiently waiting for the iPad2, then will take the tablet plunge. While one doesn't need a tablet to go paperless, it is a useful tool to help in that quest. My thought all along has been to see what the competition is like when the iPad 2 comes out, and make a decision on which tablet to buy. But right now, it seems that while there will be some interesting choices, many won't be available for a while. And while some of the competing products seem to have far better technical specs than the iPad, its the iPad2 that we must compare those to. I have resisted the Apple reality distortion field up until now, but am starting to think that at least on the tablet front, and at least for the near future, resistance is futile.