Dig 2011 conference

That's the title of my Slaw post for today.  It reads as follows. I am attending the Dig2011 conference today. Several hundred people will be at the London Convention Centre today and tomorrow to hear about topics in 2 different streams - the digital game industry, and the web industry. (Harrison Pensa is a sponsor.)

The second day includes a mini-MBA for budding game development companies, and a high school stream with panels on the path and options leading to a successful game development career.

There are good employment opportunities in this sector. Companies in the game and software development business are having difficulty finding qualified employees. But just because one likes to play video games, or can create a spreadsheet doesn't mean you can create a game or software.

The conference also features an exhibitor area, and a place to play the latest Canadian made games. And don't think that "Canadian made games" connotes few or inferior products. Canada actually has a significant concentration of game developers, which create some of the most popular games.