CES and privacy

That's the title of my Slaw post for today.  It reads as follows. As Connie mentioned, the annual Consumer Electronics Show is now underway in Las Vegas. The tech press is full of commentary on the latest and greatest things at the show. One trend is that everything is becoming more intelligent and more connected, ranging from TV's to appliances.

That results in many great features and new capabilities. At the same time, a Washington Post article entitled Privacy rights activists worry about potential abuse of high-tech devices featured at CES event points out that we can't forget about the privacy issues that comes along with this technology.

The article starts off by saying:

The thousands of devices debuting Tuesday at the Consumer Electronics Show here demonstrate how tech companies are poised to gather unprecedented insights into consumers’ lives — how much they eat, whether they exercise, when they are home and who they count as friends.

Silicon Valley is in a gold rush for information, highlighted by Google’s announcement Tuesday that it would incorporate data posted by users on its social networking service into the results of its main search engine.

Many of the companies providing this technology are certainly cognizant of the privacy issues, and will do the right things regarding use, disclosure and consent. But we can't forget that we don't all have the same sensibilities or thresholds for privacy issues. Some of us may indeed care about who our washing machine tells that our laundry is done, or who knows what the temperature is in our house.

This is an issue that we can't just brush aside.