New lawyers are proving to be a conservative bunch

Today's Slaw post: One of the puzzling things I have noticed about new lawyers is that they tend to come out of law school thinking like 50 year old lawyers - and not like the digital natives they are. In general they don't seem to think like their peers who have pursued callings other than law. And that's not a good thing.

That seems strange to a digital immigrant like myself, who embraces things like a paperless practice and social media. We sometimes wonder why law students are not pushing us into this world and demanding new and innovative approaches, rather than the other way around.

At HP we find ourselves training students and young lawyers on how to use social media, and encourage them to blog, tweet and move away from the traditional methods of practicing law. Because we know that the one certain thing about the future of the practice of law is that it won't look like it does today.

Is it the type of person who is attracted to law school and the practice of law in the first place, is it the historical perception of how lawyers practice, or is it law school itself that promotes the traditional approach?

More importantly, how do we ensure that our future lawyers are better prepared for the rapid change they undoubtedly will face?