Anti-Spam Act - still waiting for regs

The Canadian Anti-spam act is now expected to come into force some time in 2013.    We are waiting for the regulations to be finalized.   Hopefully the regulations will soften the blow of the act, which will in my opinion be a compliance nightmare for many businesses and charities.  The reason is that the act has an extremely broad definition of spam that goes far beyond the questionable mass email pitches for drugs, enhancements and the like that most of us consider spam.  The definition covers many emails or direct messages using social media that many of us routinely send, and don't consider to be spam when we receive them.  And just 1 email sent to a single person can be considered spam. The act then goes on to list many exceptions to pull certain things out of the definition of spam, such as family relationships, and current ongoing business relationships.

Barry Sookman just wrote a blog post that summarizes the current regulation status as expressed by Industry Canada at a recent meeting , and provides his comments.  It is worth a read by anyone interested in the subject.  I concur with Barry's comments.