A Fresh Look and Something Brand New

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Welcome to the new home of Harrison Pensa’s Technology and Privacy Law Group – and to our new weekly Top Ten in Legal Tech newsletter.

We decided it was time to refresh our Technology and Privacy Law Group web presence, and to better showcase our multidisciplinary team.

Digital has become part of every business, and opportunities to use and create new products and services abound. Tech changes quickly, and laws struggle to keep pace. Challenges and opportunities for the future include artificial intelligence, blockchain, smart contracts, the internet of things, cybersecurity, virtual personal assistants, self driving cars, privacy, surveillance, medical wearables, gene splicing, social media election and issue manipulation, and climate change.

Our Top Ten in Tech Law newsletter is intended to help better understand some of these issues at the intersection of technology and law. Each week we scour the internet for the top news stories in the area, and add some content of our own. It is curated by the Technology and Privacy Law Group team for topics that we hope clients and others will find interesting and useful. Sign up now so you don’t miss out!

Reflecting back, Harrison Pensa created its Technology Law Group when I joined the firm in 2000. That vision was based in part on HP’s experience advising on the Y2K issue.

I first started blogging on Nov 1, 2004, and to date have racked up 1650 posts. At that time, you could probably count the number of legal bloggers on 1 hand. Social media wasn’t even a thing yet.

To put that in perspective, LinkedIn started in 2003. Facebook started in the spring of 2004 - but only for college students. My blog predates YouTube (2005), Google Maps (2005), twitter (2006), the iPhone (2007), and Instagram (2010). In 2004 you probably accessed the internet using a modem with a blistering fast speed of 2 or 3 Mbps, if you were lucky.

Now we’re staring down the road at a potential revolution in artificial intelligence, who knows where tech and the law will take us over the next few years?

David Canton