The Tech WOrld is moving fast, is your legal team?

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With offices in London, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario, Harrison Pensa’s Technology and Privacy Law Group help companies resolve their business and legal concerns about privacy, trademarks, copyrights, e-business, social media, software, online services, anti-spam, cybersecurity, employment, and litigation.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is large or small, traditional or emerging, built with bricks or based on clicks: intellectual property (IP) and technology create risks and opportunities that affect your profitability every day.

Selling or buying software
and SAAS.

Protecting your brand
and IP.

Compliance with privacy,
anti-spam and other laws.

Buying or selling
your business.

Technology has created a borderless business world, but the legal world still operates on laws that vary widely by jurisdiction. We help clients navigate both worlds simultaneously every day.
— David Canton

To learn more about our experience in any of these critical areas, please contact Practice Group Chair David Canton or any member of our Technology and Privacy Law Group.


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Our Team

Leading edge companies deserve leading edge legal representation. Meet Harrison Pensa’s team of seasoned technology and privacy lawyers. They’re here to guide you through whatever comes your way.

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David Canton

David is a business lawyer and trade-mark agent with a practice focusing on technology issues and technology companies.

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Michael Cassone

Michael is a partner assisting institutions with secured transactions, enforcement of security and priority disputes.

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Lauren Sigouin

Lauren’s practice includes incorporation, shareholder agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial contracts.

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Mana Khami

Mana is engaged most often with employment and labour issues, human rights violations, commercial litigation and professional negligence.

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Michael Mumby

Michael’s practice includes incorporation, professional corporations, mergers and acquisitions, as well as institutional financing.

David Spence

David’s practice is focused on supporting the legal needs for a full range of clients, from multi-national corporations to startups.


Scott Spindler

With 30 years of experience working with private and public companies, Scott has in-depth experience with a wide variety of legal issues.


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The HARRISON PENSA™ Technology and Privacy Law Group is proud to sponsor Driven as they strive to give healthcare interventionists the tools they need to improve lives.

Driven is a finalist for the $5 million IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, a global competition challenging teams to develop and demonstrate how humans can collaborate with powerful AI technologies to tackle the world’s Grand Challenges.


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